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The PPC Company crafts idea goods which promote uninhibited and unrestricted expression through a classic medium. There isn’t just one app for that, but here we choose to take to the pen and paper for the release; for the reward; for the process. Where’s your pen?
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Notebook + Workbook +Planners

These comprehensive planners combine the usefulness of note-taking and the guidance of workbooks with the reflection and forethought of planners. 

Freethinkers & Journals

Life starts with ideas. Capture your thoughts with Draft freethinkers or journals. Unrestricted, uninhibited, and as secure as the bag you carry them in, keepers of thoughts and ideas on premium paper.

Professional Digests

Repetition can be the bane of our professional existence, alledgedly. The PPC Company’s Professional Digests are another resource to stay on track with clients, students, miles, registrations, or whatever information is critical to the success of your professional service.

Personal Archive

Not that into social media but have more random thoughts than Rain Man? Chirp is a micro-journal and personal archive which lets you make the statement out loud to yourself without the weird stares or, you know, medication.

Personal Catalogs

Love music? Books? Words? Art? What about ideas? Spend time digging into your favorite collection(s) with One Track Mind Personal Catalogs.

Notes, Lists, and Oxford Commas

Let’s get back to writing letters. Let’s get back to expression. draftnotes are untraditional writing sets for those of us who find paper the best way to express how we feel.

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