Chirp Personal Archive

Chirp is the retro social experiment of expression. With Chirp cards and journals you can express your most random, your most left field thoughts, ideas, one-liners in a way that remain secure and for your eyes only. There’s always something to say. When you have the urge to make a statement that followers, friends and the linked need not see, pull out your Chirp cards and spill your tea.


Nothing like the journals you’re used to, these paper version of Chirp cards keep a chirp bird eye out for your most random thoughts that need to stay personal.


PG CT40 pages
STOCK70 # Smooth
SIZE4.25 x 5.5 in

Chirp cards come 50 to a set. These 2 x 3.5 cards are perfect for keeping track of the random one-liners that flood social media but mean more because it’s for your eyes only.


PG CT50 cards (f&b)
STOCK14pt Uncoated
SIZE2 x 3.5 in