OpenWit Occasional Cards

OpenWit Occasional Cards speak for the voice within us starved for an honest sentiment. These cards don’t just greet the recipient. They can taunt, love, scold, soothe, bring closer or tear apart. OpenWit cards are a new wave of emotional tidbits meant to expand the range of available options when looking for the perfect way to capture the nature of what is really on your mind and encourage us all t pass more notes.


Signature Series

Signature Series are design cards with blank backs so that you can personalize your statement. Sweet, spicy, or sincere, the voice is yours.

Absynthe Series

Absynthe Series is the proper amount of sweet and to the point. Absynthe is about the sentiment. The right statement for the right moment.

Scorpion Series

It is true that you shouldn’t speak with an angry tongue, but an angry pen should tell all tales. OpenWit Scorpion Series speaks to the core of our truth when the nicest way isn’t necessarily the best way.